Tuesday, October 2, 2007

With Malcolm Fridlund - Mission's Project Scientist

As some of you may be I am a truly COROT dedicated fan and when the silence starts to yell it is time to ask what is going on.
That was what I did, I’ve e-mailed Malcolm Fridlund, who, with the usual sympathy, replied.

So...what’s new?

Things were promising some months ago, the last time I had the opportunity to exchange words with Fridlund and where he announced me that the mission was progressing according to plan and that a lot of exo-candidates were, at that time, starting being followed up from the ground, Fridlund himself had been in Tenerife a few days before and observed one of them.

The Mission’s Project Scientist also indicated me that there would not be any new announcements before the writing of a few papers and their submition to the journals, adding to that the fact of July being a month where people have the nasty habit of taking their vacations, he pointed out that during at least a 3 months period there wouldn’t me no news from the COROT frontline.

Now, those three months haven’t passed but we are just a few days from that timeline, and what had Fridlund to tell?

Get ready for the end of the current month and beggining of the following...
According to the scientist the COROT team is preparing a press event for that period, which I, already expect without avoiding bitting my nails...

And what might come out to the public within a few weeks?
Fridlund didn’t open the game but there was something in his lines that made my imagination’s motor starting to roar...he told me that the number of planets is...going up!

An increasing number of exoplanets really increases my curiosity, doesn’t it happen with you also?

Fridlund, said that, in consequence of that growing figures they will only mention a still small number at the press event...how will that choice be made?

Maybe the team will announce those for which they are, as the Swedish astronomer told me, starting writing the first refereed papers, and this are about a set of ten.

So, not wanting to speculate, maybe we are on a few weeks distance of knowing two full hands of exoplanets....
That is music to my ears...
What worlds are out there to be revealed? What surprises can we expect?

I will return to this subject soon, and you, started dreaming already?

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