Thursday, January 24, 2008

As soon as it was possible, here it is, an updated status report about TandEM as provided to spacEurope by Athena Coustenis, the Project Leader:

The new year finds us in a frenzy of activities as ESA has been very active in commencing the studies for the TandEM space mission.

We have had a kick-off meeting between ESA representatives, the ESA study teams (headed by Jean-Pierre Lebreton) and myself on January 10, at ESTEC.
Following that meeting we have learned that there is a lot of work to be done in order to fully define our scientific objectives and the payload requirements within the next couple of months.

The European Science Study Definition Teams have also been set up. They consist in three core/coordinating teams, one per mission and one interface team.
They will be coordinating scientific inputs with all of the TandEM members and also with specific working groups which will be constituted by a larger number of members around the following themes:

- Mission analysis
- Atmospheric environment
- Surface, interiors and planetary protection

These groups will be better defined soon and will start working in the coming months.

For the TandEM members and SDT Teams, we are preparing meetings and workshops in the coming months. There will be a kick-off meeting for the study teams on February 13 at ESTEC. Then we're planning for full-members workshops later in the year.

That's all for now,we're hoping to hear more soon from the other side of the Atlantic about the Flagship Titan study and I'm hoping for a close collaboration between ESA, NASA and their partners.

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