Thursday, March 20, 2008

Open Letter

March, 19, 2008
Sintra, Portugal

On the 19th of March, 2008, Sir Arthur C. Clarke has left the world of the living, overcoming the hardest part of our journey as Human beings: To leave a legacy and to point a course for the future generations of our own species.

Arthur C. Clarke will not cease, with his death, to inspire and fuel the spirit of Mankind youth’s inquisitive minds, leading some of their representatives to pursue the quest for knowledge within or outside the cradle known as Terra and, ultimately, by dreaming, building and journeying, to create the conditions for our definitive assumption as Universal creatures, as the Homo Viator to come.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke was, is, and will resist as a beacon for those daring to build a transterran future for Humanity, our inevitable path to avoid extinction.

Clarke, and others like him, were, consciously or not, drawing our roadmap for enduring and succeeding in the challenge of superseding the fate of a multitude of other species: vanishing.
Clarke and others like him, have been, through the ages, gathering us around the bonfire, whispering tales of future before our eyes wide open with wonder.
In the past we observed the sparkles of that bonfire rising above in the dark of the night and dreamed where were they headed.
It is our turn, now, to become those sparkles, each and every of them.

Rephrasing the visionary, beyond, in the impossible, lays our possible Tomorrow, where Clarke will be a reference for the billions of humans to come, for the billions of transterran humans who will experience in their present reality a past dreamed by a remote ancestor.

This letter as a specific objective.
To present a proposition.

We are now building, brick by brick, the road leading us towards our greatest adventure, leaving the planet that witnessed our emergence as a species and, on a hard but unavoidable enterprise, with no defined term or horizon ahead, we must honor and remember, as a mnemonic, those who opened us the gates of space.

One of the future achievements of our New Era of Discoveries will be the landing of Phoenix on the martian arctic, coincidently, the mission is expected to touch the ground of the red planet 67 days after the announcement of the departure of Arthur C. Clarke.

The Phoenix mission carries, in its lander, the Planetary Society Visions of Mars DVD collection of literature and artwork about the Red Planet, where Clarke's creations , among other authors, marks its presence along with the names of thousands of humans who decided to be associated, in the possible way, with this quest, rising from the ashes of a failure, representing Mankind’s persistence facing the adversity.

By sending our names, the expression of our individuality, onboard the Phoenix, we are affirming, as a whole, our nature: To go where we are not, to go and learn, to go and evolve, to go Onward.

Arthur C. Clarke is part of that whole, one of those who, throughout the millennia, instilled in our minds the will to see what is beyond the forest, below the waters, above our heads.
This is why I, hereby, propose a tribute to this human being by naming the future landing site of the Phoenix Mars Mission as Sir Arthur Charles Clarke Memorial Station.

Rui Borges
spacEurope Editor

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Afonso said...

I absolutely second that proposal