Friday, April 4, 2008


To improve.
Day by day. Visit by visit. View by view.
That is where I aim at when speaking of spacEurope.
To make of this blog a place recognized by its quality, reliability and its informative and educational value without leaving aside the passion for the role of man in the adventure of Discovery. To put it simple, without this passion there wouldn’t be spacEurope. Ambitious goals for a mere blog, but achievable with the help of all those participating in its daily development.

If we were commemorating not long ago, at
January 11, a year of spacEurope and previously, in ten months of activity, the 10000th visit to the place now, in, half the time, we have reached the 30000 visits...
This is a sign that something has changed, in my opinion, for better, in the beginning of spacEurope’s second year of activity, this implicates, therefore more responsibility ahead, for which I, and I am sure, this blog’s residents, happily assume as a challenge.
We will keep on working, we hope you will keep on reading our work and may this evolve as time grants us more experience.

A very important aspect is your feedback. It helps spacEurope to gain awareness of how is our work being appreciated so, please, if there is anything you would like to express feel free to write down your critics, ideas, suggestions.
Do you have your own article idea? Submit it to spacEurope and we’ll talk about it.
Everyone can make the difference, everyone can help spacEurope reaching further ahead.

Starting today you will see with some regularity a new feature in the right column of this blog, a poll, in which I ask you, the visitor, to participate in.

Today, and until the April 11, the question is what do you value more at spacEurope?
The alternatives in which you can vote are:
-Regular written interviews;
-Mission special features ;
-Video posts
-Audio posts
-Opinion articles
-Live Q’n’As

If there is another item you would like to make reference to, in this case we expect you to inform us,
via e-mail, of your preference.

Weekend is just ahead, enjoy it the best way you can and don’t forget to get your Phoenix and
ATV homework made!

Now…back to space.


Vossinakis Andreas said...

Well done with your superb blog. Don't forget that there are people (like me) who read it and don't show up in the counter because of the rss feed. I personally read your blog through google reader and visit to comment. So the number must be larger than 30.000

Keep up the good work
Vossinakis Andreas

Rui Borges said...

Dear vossinakis andreas, thank you for visiting and for the kind words and...who's counting anyway? ;-)