Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Phoenix Special > MEx Reminder

Don't forget, the day after tomorrow (May 8) we will have a new Live Q'n'A at spacEurope counting with the presence of Michel Denis, Head of the MARS EXPRESS Mission Operations Unit, and Mars Express-Phoenix Service Manager, Peter Schmitz, who will help spacEurope readers to understand what will be the role of ESA's mission on Phoenix landing and beyond it.

In order to get a better idea of the whole scenario, and as a help for you to start thinking about your questions to our guests, read the previous post regarding this topic.

How to participate?
Nothing complicated...I'll just paraphrase the road map (with the corrected timeline) I have used for the latest Q'n'A with Phoenix Principal Investigator Peter Smith:
If you are a regular visitor of this blog you already know how this Live Q’n’As work.
If it is a first time you can always check, as an example, the ones that counted with the participation of Jorge Vago, ExoMars Project Scientist and, more recently, Peter Smith.

You can start participating one hour (1100UTC) before the arrival of our guests, which will arrive here around 1200UTC, I, or other spacEurope crew member, will announce that this same post is now on LIVE mode, then, you can start leaving your questions, wishes, suggestions, etc.
How to proceed?

The easiest way is to enter spacEurope via its main page, there, at the bottom of this same post click where is written 0 (or another number) COMMENTS, click it and you are at Live Q’n’A ground…leave your words in the “leave your comment” section, as time will be limited try to make concise and clear questions, allowing Michel Denis and Peter Schmitz to answer as much requests as possible during the hour (until 1300UTC) they will stay with us.
After doing so you will find a NICKNAME box, you are not obliged to do so but please, identify yourself with a name, use a nickname if you prefer and, if possible, indicate your location (city and country).
Another thing, don’t post or access ANY link in the COMMENTS section and remember to refresh the page from time to time to check for new questions or comments.

In case you have any doubt about how to participate please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Interaction is the word! spacEurope counts with you to make of this occasion a Phoenix celebration!
19 Days for landing! Onward!

Editor's note: The Live Q'n'A will take place HERE.

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